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Gracia Festival.

  Gracia Festival (Festa Major de Gràcia) - one of the most spectacular and perhaps the most fun of all the events in Barcelona, ​​which takes place every year from August 15-21.

  Gracia - is one of the residential areas of Barcelona. Gràcia festival concept is that the people competing for the main prize, which is given the most beautifully decorated street. Each street has it's very serious approach to the matter, and the standards are very high. Theme decorations chosen by citizens, it can be Greco-Roman wrestling, or, for example, underwater life.

  During the week, during the festival will be held various concerts and performances. In order not to miss anything, ask about the program of activities before the start of the festival. The festival is fully open to the public, so no tickets for visit is required. August 15 at 18:00 pm local time start a grand parade, which is attended by dance schools, art groups and residents of the communities of interest. Loud music, drums, fireworks, torchlight processions - the festival goes on all night. In any free patch music plays, wishing dance national dances, passionate Latin American rumba, samba, salsa - all the best!

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Tour of medieval Catalonia, where you are more familiar with the life and architecture of this region of Spain, where everything is preserved in its original form from the Middle Ages.