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  This colorful spectacle brings together hundreds of thousands of spectators. In 2012, UNESCO included "Living Tower" in the List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity! This tradition originated somewhere in the XVIII century, in the province of Tarragona.

  "Live" tower used in the celebrations in honor of the grape harvest. Later, this holiday has become popular all over the Catalonia. Today, every village has its "Solla" - group of castelleros. They train all year round and the competition itself begins with the month of March, namely the feast of St. Eulalia. The most skillful Kastelers could rise to nine stories!

  Begining of the construction is on top of a group of people, which is the basis on which to build floors for three or four people. Each part of building has its own name: "la pinya", "el tronc", "pom de dalt", "folre", "manilles", "puntals". The top part is called anchaneta (anxeneta) and usually it is a child in a helmet (for safety).

  Judged the event as follows: each pyramid collected, depending on the complexity, it gives the team a set number of points (the design is considered to be collected, if the last child has time to take his place at the top and raise hand up). In that case, if the team manages to dismantle the collected pyramid without falling, the number of points awarded by becoming a little more. Teams have five attempts to perform on stage in due course.

  Being in Catalonia at this time, do not miss the opportunity to look this feast!

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