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Medieval Fair in Lloret de Mar.

  These autumn days our city is totally transformed. Streets turned into a real authentic medieval village. It attracts dancers and musicians and acrobats from all over the Catalonia. At this time held presentations on the areas of the city, actors, specially invited to the feast, roam the alleys of the old part of the city, representing the residents of the Middle Ages, commonly played scenes from everyday life of times past. Many merchants and artisans in the main square opening their shops, where you can buy all kinds of crafts, from jewelry to household utensils, lovingly created, like many years ago.
  In addition to these cute crafts, in the medieval market, you can find a variety of delicacies and the gastronomic delights that farmers and traders driven here from all over the Catalonia. So if you - gourmet - at least this is worth a visit in Lloret de Mar in November, just as the days of the medieval fair (Fira Medieval). You can try the jamon different exposure level, fresh vegetables and fruits as well as cooked in various ways fish and seafood, fragrant seasonings and spices, pickles and luxury sweets. And in the top of that you can taste and buy a variety of Catalan wines - from the youngest, called "kava", seasoned to the blended varieties. All this splendor is styled with a real medieval market and offers this wonderful fair entertains folk orchestra playing the national Catalan tunes.

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