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  Picturesque small country situated high in the mountains between France and Spain. The capital - Andorra la Vella is located on the picturesque plains that surrounded by the chain of high mountains!
  The city was founded in the early 9th century. We will visit the Church of the Holy Armenola. This is one of the most ancient architectural buildings of the city, dating from the 11th century. The church was built in the Romanesque style. Next, we will visit the heart of Andorra la Vella - the area of ​​"Barry Antique" or antique quarter, which is located on the spot where once was situated the ancient village, the first settlement of which later grew up in the town.
  Next we will see the residence of the "House of the valleys" Government - a typical example of medieval buildings that differed with it's rigor and unattractiveness. The exterior resembles a fortress, and it's completely absent of any decoration. Nearby stands the Watch Tower and the dovecote. In a small chapel located near the House of the valleys are official relics of Andorra - the flag and coat of arms.
  The houses located around the valley "Sala de la Justicia" or Hall of Justice - the only judicial institution of Andorra, as well as the Houses of Parliament - "Sala del Konsell" on the upper floors which are magnificent Philatelic Museum.
  Then we will go to the Plaza la Poble - place for ceremonies and favorite meeting place for the townspeople. On the Square are the State Academy of Music and Theatre. Also noteworthy is the one of the oldest temples of the country - the Church of Santa Coloma. However, Andorra attracts tourists not only for its ancient history and attractions, but also as a great shopping place. Throughout the country there are more than 2,000 shops and boutiques, which offer visitors a huge selection of different products at attractive prices. Also operates duty-free trade.

Group price - 65 euros.
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Visit with a guided tour, small but wonderful country - Andorra!
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