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Theatre-Museum of Salvador Dali in the town of Figueres, and an excursion to the city of Girona.

  The famous theater-museum of great Catalan surrealist Salvador Dali is located in the town of Figueras not far from the Spanish-French border, 140 km from Barcelona. This place will be the first stop of our tour. Fourteen years worked great hoaxer and outrageous genius to create a monument to hemself beloved! This endless labyrinth of corridors, stairways, halls and rooms, where every corner offers a shocking surprises and secrets, completely housed in the former town theater.

  After the museum, we will continue the trip going to the city of Girona. Girona is often called the "immortal city" because of its fortress withstood more than 25 large-scale sieges and attacks. During the tour we will go through it on foot, and almost completely see the Old Town from above. Girona was a platform for shooting many famous historical and documentary films. Among the most famous, Games of Thrones.

  Discount code includes theater tickets, museum and an exhibition of jewelry.

Individual price on request.

The cost of 49 euros.

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Trip to the enigmatic and mysterious world of the Cathars, in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France.
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Almost all the excursions offered on our coast, are designed for adults (except amusement). To compensate for this, we offer you a trip for your children!