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Castle of Cardona.


  We would like to share with you the story of one of the ten best castles in Europe - Castle of Cardona! Castle impresses with its medieval mighty and severity. The ancient architectural creation is on a high hill (600 meters), near the valley of the same-called river. Strong walls, defensive towers and deep moats, together with the church of Sant Vicenz, will leave a great impression.
  Castle looks truly impressive and majestic, and you will immediately penetrate the atmosphere of the Middle Ages...
  Climbing the walls of the castle, with every step more and more new scenery will be opened in front of you. Cardona castle - it is not just a place for excursions and hiking, it is also a national monument of Spain history...
  Another great showplace is the Salt Mountain. This is the only Salt mountain and stalactite caves in Europe, which was created by nature about 40 million years ago and kept to the present today. Roman scientists have studied this phenomenon, all unanimously agreed in opinion that the Salt Mountain - a real miracle of nature.
Cost - 95 euros.
Groups of at least 5 people.


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