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La Molina!

 For those who decided to choose a destination for vacation, Spain is usually associated only with the Mediterranean Sea. That's the way it is, however, close to the sea and not far from Barcelona, ​​(150 km) is the largest in Spain ski station "La Molina" in the eastern sector of the Pyrenees mountains, which bears the name of "La Cerdanya", 20 km from the French-Spanish border and 60 km from Andorra.

  Geographically, the slopes of La Molina belong to the province of Girona, and the closest to it is the largest settlement bordering with France Puycherda city. The zone is called the «Alp 2500», and offers a choice of up to - 117 different levels of slopes (22 green, 40 blue, 39 red and 16 black), a total length of 135 km.

  Ski season in the resort lasts from late November to late March. Ski station of La Molina is ideal for learning to ski due to the large number of runs for beginners. The nature of these places - located in the heart of the Pyrenees,  an incredible beauty!

In addition to skiing we offer a varied entertainment program: flamenco shows, museums, exhibitions, excursions.

  In the "hotel-reservation column", you can select hotel you like. Also on our site, you can book a transfer from airport to hotel and back. For those who've decided for the New Year or Christmas to go to the resort, we will organize a gala dinner!

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