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Tour of the Spanish wineries.

 Spain is one of the leading wine-producing countries in the world, with an area of ​​vineyards occupies the first place, and by the volume of wine produced - the third largest in the world.

  In this route, Angels Tour will introduce you to some of the most famous wine producers in Spain and France. We will visit several regions, such as the Penedes region with world-renowned wineries and Freshenet Cadorna, Priorat region with wineries Scala Dei and Magador Clos, Serra and Bodega Macia Marti Fabra in the Emporda region, French Languedoc Roussillon region with wine winery Terra vinea.

  In addition to tours of the vineyards, wine tastings, visits to wineries and cellars - we will offer you lunch in a national restaurant. Also in our program included sightseeing tours in such cities as Barcelona and Norbon.

We are confident that by choosing this tour you will become fans, experts and connoisseurs of good-quality and noble drinks.

1 Day

  Arrival. Meeting at the airport, transfer, meeting with the guide and a representative of the company, check in to hotel, free time. Next, we offer you the tour program, but without a precise schedule for the time in other rounds. We start each day with our breakfast and finish the visit for dinner.

2 Day

   The second day of our tour we will devote to "Cava" and the region "Penedès". We have selected for you two most famous Catalan brand: «Freixenet» and «Codorniu».

  To visit the winery Freixenet, we head to the capital of the Penedes wine region, the town «Sant Sadurní d'Anoia». The historic Art Nouveau building hides behind its walls a long history of Freixenet, but the most interesting is under the ground, where orderly rows are covered with age-old dust lecterns with champagne bottles. Particularly impressive thing is the ceiling hanging right over our heads, because it is a natural material: a wine cellar where fermentation takes place, is lokated in the rock. During the tour, we will learn not only the history of Freixenet house, but also examine features of the method "Champenoise" and get acquainted with the life cycles of the vines in a special gallery, descend into the mysterious cellars and personally see how to do Cava vine manually. On a small small train we will pass from the old cellars Freixenet in a modern building, which produces sparkling wine today.

  Not far from the winery Freixenet, it is the winery Codorniu - the first and most well-known brand of Cava in the territory of Catalonia. Codorniu Sparkling wines have excellent quality and flavor characteristics.

  During the factory tour in the cellars you can smell the different varieties of sparkling wines. The winery is a historical value not only cause of the contents of branded bottles, but also cause of the building itself, where all the wealth is produced and stored!

  The architect, who worked on the building of "Bodega" - Josep Puig was the main competitor of Antonio Gaudi. Barcelona keeps memory of many great examples of his bright talent. We are sure you will be interested to look at the building designed by this historical figure. In between visits to the wineries, we will stop for lunch at one of the restaurants in the area. Inasmuch as our tour is combined with tastings of wines, we'll have to have a good dinner.

3 Day

  Tour of the winemaking region of Priorat. In 2000, the wines of Priorat was awarded with highest quality «DOQ» category. Specialty of this region - red wines from grapes "Garnacha". Manufacturers have also successfully experimented with the international varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah.

  On the region's reputation positively influenced several factors. First of all, it is a unique "terroir" - a combination of infertile soils and good climate, sheltered from the winds by mountain ranges. The vineyards are located on steep terraces, the roots of the vines have to penetrate deep into the soil to produce their own water and nutrients. Grapes "suffering." Thus, the yield is naturally limited, but highly extractive wine material is obtained. Wines Priorat DOQ obtained full-bodied, concentrated, intensely colored and fragrant.

  The wines mostly inky purple color, in taste and aroma is dominated by shades of black currants and plums. Alcohol content of 13.5% and higher. The second factor that will affect the quality and reputation of the wines from here - attention of the authorities in Spain, which since 1970 contributes to the development of the region. Wine here has become a kind of cult. Also we will visit with you two wineries «Cellers Scala Dei» and «Clos Mogador», where we are waiting for a fascinating tour of the wineries, and most importantly great tasting wines Priory. 

4 Day

  Barcelona ... Pearl of the Mediterranean. Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, the Park Güell, a defensive fortress of Montjuic, the Gothic Quarter and Plaza de España. This tour will long remain in your memory.

5 Day 

  The fifth day we will spend in the wineries in the region "Emporda" in which wine is produced, with patented name «D.O.Emporda».

   Due to the diversity of the landscape of the region, on the one side of the mountain, on the other the sea, soil Empordà became an ideal for the cultivation of grapes and production of high-класс wines.

   We will visit "the mass of the Serra" and "Marti Fabra", which are among the five most respected wineries in the region. As always, we are waiting for a fascinating journey + tasting. 

6 Day

  The sixth day, and our path lies in France, in the "Languedoc - Roussillon" region on the winery «Tierra Vinea».

  Terra Vinea - is 30 km of tunnels at a depth of 80 meters below the surface of the earth, which have become an ideal place for the storage of local wines. At the bottom of the wine gallery we get to the grand spectacle of light and sound. And also take a trip into the history of wine, visiting medieval setting in a reconstructed Greco-Roman villa. Museum of the History of grapes, old tools, and of course great tasting French wines.

  The way back to the winery is no less interesting. Next stop Norbon city. The first colony of the Roman Empire. During the tour we will see the archaeological remains of that time: the Roman bridge, amphitheater, ancient columns. Also visit the Cathedral Saint-Just-Saint-Pasteur, whose construction started in the 13th century, is still not finished. Walk on the ancient Roman road. Through Norbon passes the famous channel "Du Midi", which is of great strategic importance, as it connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It is the oldest canal in Europe.

7 Day

  After breakfast you have free time until dinner. After lunch we go to "Montserrat". This is a mountain and monastery in the same time. Fantastically beautiful mountain of Montserrat, among the rocks which hid Benedictine monastery - the spiritual symbol and religious center of Catalonia, which annually attracts thousands of pilgrims from around the world. Montserrat seduce you with its uniqueness and individuality. Second place on Earth, perhaps do not exists.

8 Day

  End of the tour. Airport transfer.

 The price includes: accommodation in hotels 3 * - 4 * in double rooms, all transfers according to the program, tour guides, HB meals, all entrance tickets for tasting, etc. ..
Minimum 2 people, maximum 10 people.
VIP service. Price on request.
The organizer reserves the right to change the wineries to visit, but not declared regions! 

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We offer you a tour of the south of France in the small seaside town of French coast, which is also called Purple. French Catalonia sure to win you over with its charm!