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French oyster farms.

  Company Angels Tour, offers to all fans the opportunity to visit the oyster resort town - picturesque lagoon called Port Leukat. It is surrounded by water on all sides - small bays on the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the east. The neighborhood it literally abound farms for breeding oysters which have for centuries cultivated oysters on the technology that has'nt changed much since ancient times.
  During your stay on the farm you can see with your own eyes all stages of this process and also try to have just caught from the sea oysters at a local tasting room.
  To the table you will be offered a gentle white wine Leukat, which traditionally is served with lemon and bread with butter Breton. As is known, oysters - it's incredibly tasty and healthy product. People come here not only to enjoy them in a cozy cafe, but also to buy them and to take away. Doing this small segment of the path, you will learn - Does an oyster really squeaks? Or it's just a gastronomic myth?


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