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Visiting Dali and Picasso!

1 Day

  Arrival. Meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel, settling. Introduction to the organizer and guide who will guide you throughout your stay. Free time.

2 Day

  We begin our acquaintance with the art of Salvador Dalí, with the main museum of his life, the theater-museum in his hometown - Figueres. The museum is an endless labyrinth of corridors, stairways, halls and rooms, where every corner offers a shocking surprises and secrets. On the territory of the museum complex there are 3 main object: the actual museum, which occupies the territory of the former theater, Gala Tower - "Galatea" and the jewelry exhibition center, created and based on sketches by Dalí. We can get acquainted with collected works reflecting the artist's entire career, from the first-steps works in the style of cubism, futurism, impressionism, to the creations born in the last years of life. Aside from the works of Dali, in the museum there are paintings of other representatives of the world of art, which the artist considered his teachers. For example, in the hall of masterpieces you can see paintings by El Greco, Evarist Valles Pitchota Antonio, Gerard Du, Marcel Duchamp, and amny others... We will also visit the exhibition complex "Dalí-Jewels". Here we can see the artist's works, created in the period from 1941 to 1970, as well as some jewelry made by Dali sketches after his death. In this side of the museum, we'll see 36 jewelry from the collection "Ouema Cheetham" and "27 images on paper". Not many visitors of the museum know that behind the white plate, located in the central part of the exhibition hall, in the crypt, rests the body and the spirit of the greatest hoaxer of 20th century. It was a testament of the great artist to be buried in the Theatre-Museum. His will was done: Among the exhibits there are a tombstone with a simple inscription: Salvador Dalí-and-Dumenek. The Marquis de Dalí de Púbol. 1904-1989. Today Theatre-Museum Dali has a reputation as the most visited museum complex in Spain.

  The second part of the tour will be held in an ancient castle in Pubol Dali gifted his beloved wife. When in 1969, Dalí bought it, it was in a very poor condition - roof and walls, once green garden, everything was in a poor negligence. The reconstruction started immediately - on the site of the ruins of the castle were built new walls and vast rooms, all decorated with unique paintings. The castle was opened to visitors in 1986 and kept the same interior as in the life of the owners, and then submitted to a large number of Dali's works...sculptures of long-legged elephants - frequent guests of Dali's paintings, a fountain with 14 images of the head of Richard Wagner, the great collection of dresses which belonged to his wife, all made by Dior, Cardin and more. The castle became a truth monument of Dali's love for his wife, because in it she found peace.

3 Day

  The third day will be devoted to the works of Pablo Picasso. We will try to show you Barcelona through the eyes of a great artist. Visit the places where he lived and worked, dined and walked. Visit the Museum of a truth genius...

  The Picasso Museum is one of the most visited Museums in Barcelona. Place, which houses the collection of works by the great Spanish and French artist amazing in itself - it takes as much as five buildings of the medieval mansion. The Picasso Museum in Barcelona was opened to visitors in 1963. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is the only one dedicated to the artist of museums, which was created during the life of the master. The permanent exhibition is more than 4000 works of Pablo Picasso, among them - paintings, drawings, collages, as well as a collection of 42 unique ceramic products, donated to the museum by his wife and muse Jacqueline Picasso.

4 Day

  We continue acquaintance with the work of Salvador Dali. Our path lies on Cape Creus, Cadaqués and Port Lligat. We are in for a tour of the home, created by Dali and his wife. The concept of the house, its design and configuration of the rooms, the idea of ​​an «ever-growing», like a living organism, maze house belong, without doubt, to the great architect Salvador Dali.

Surreal maze of family galleries, stretches along the corridors and ends with unexpected deadlocks. The museum's divided into three parts: the working rooms (library, maquette hall, workshop), Dali's private premises, and open space.

  From Cadaques to the Cape Creus is only six kilometers, so we offer you to pass this distance on foot (in one direction), so you can enjoy the surrounding landscapes. It is impossible to remain indifferent, contemplating reliefs, amazing mountains that looks like melting cheese with large holes.

  Strong winds and tidal bore formed wonderful caves and grottoes all over the coast, so it beckoned for many years with its mystery and hidden secrets, attracting eyes of a man. No doubt all those picturesque landscapes were an air of inspiration for the great genius, which found reflexion in work of his life…

5 Day

End of the tour. Free time. Airport transfer.

The price includes: accommodation in 3 * hotels in double rooms, HB meals, tickets to all the museum, transfers, guide services.

Additional expenses: meals, single rooms.

There is the ability to extend the holiday in any city of our coast to your notice.

VIP service, minimum - 2 people, a maximum group of 10 people.

Price on request.



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