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Science Museum!

  The first step on our excursion will be the park Catalunya en Miniatura - the main park of the world, containing a number of thumbnails architectural attractions - monuments, palaces and cathedrals 1:25 scale. All Catalonia with 150 best creations of its architects - at a glance: a quarter of "gingerbread houses" Gaudí, including Casa Batllo, Sagrada Familia and Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona, ​​the Salvador Dali Museum in Figueras, Roman aqueduct in Tarragona, ancient castles, towers, bridges, attractions, railways with moving trains, mountains, rivers, dwarf trees!
  We continue the trip with the museum of science Coso Caixa. Here you can find all the scientific and pseudo-scientific conclusions concerning the Earth and the universe, accumulated over many, many centuries of HomoSapiens. The most interesting that all the exhibits you can touch, pull, sniff, e.t.c.
  This tour is an individual, rather than a large family group. Price upon request.

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Meet the medieval Girona!
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